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A few new questions I get asked about PC and Macedonia

I've been adding to my list of questions that I orginally posted several months ago June 9th and July 14th. Instead of re-posting it again, I'm just gonna add the new questions here...(and my responses). I'm noticing a pattern of questions where my response usually involves telling people about the infrastructure, the fact that they have electricity, plumbing, internet access, laundry facilities and computers over there...I guess people are imagining I'm gonna go live in a village like "Fiddler on the Roof" back at the turn of the century or something).

1. What do they eat over there? (A lot of meat, fish, lamb, vegetables, and coffee--yay!)
2. Are you gonna take your cat with you? (No, my parents will take care of him while I'm gone).
3. Are you gonna take your cell phone with you? (No.)
4. Do they have electricity? (Yes. They also have plumbing!)
5. Aren't they all Muslims over there? (No, the predominant religion is Eastern Orthodox. However, about 20% are Muslim, most of them also Albanian).
6. Is it a backwards country? (Well, it's a developing country, so it's not as advanced as the US, but I don't think they'd like to be thought of as backwards. I mean, they have things like electricity, plumbing, roads and internet cafes.)
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